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Estimated Costs

Our goal is to keep the cost to each family/household at or about $350k. There will be slightly different final investments depending on cottage size chosen, but as each unit will also share 1/10 of the common element costs, that difference will be minimal. We have established a buy-in of $41k plus a membership fee. The membership fees is: $6K. These amounts reflect a down payment toward one’s home which is based on approximately 1/10 of the cost of the land (current members have paid quite a bit more than $41k in order to secure the land) and the smaller membership fee which will not credit toward cottage costs but rather is an acknowledgement of the work already completed by those who joined earlier.

It is important to understand that by becoming a member of our LLC, one is joining us in the development of Points Beyond Cottages. That implies all of the benefits of eventually having a beautiful new home and a place in the community; as well as the work and energy you’ll need to invest to help make it happen. In this way, becoming a member of our group is different from simply purchasing a home in an existing community. You will be part of forming the values and social context of the place as well as funding and making decisions about the construction.

Please join us for one of our informational meetings to hear more about our plans and how you can start the process of applying for membership.