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What is Points Beyond

One of our associate members suggested the name “Points Beyond” which likely needs an explanation. Think of when you are traveling by train or bus and the next station is announced. Sometimes the message is the name of a location with the trailer, “…and points beyond”. There is always that other, further, often intriguing place to come and a sense of disappointment if you have to disembark before getting there. For those of us who are joining together to make this new home, it will be our “points beyond”; a place that is new and exciting where we have not been before and where we can explore a different way to adventure together.

An Intentional Co-Housing Community

In 2013 a group of households came together for a potluck in Silverton, Oregon. Our purpose was to enjoy the great feast that we produced from our individual homes and to also talk about an idea that had surfaced for several of us; intentional community. That was the beginning of Points Beyond. Since that time we have incorporated as an LLC, located and purchased a beautiful piece of land, and obtained preliminary approval from the City of Silverton for our project (including the necessary rezoning).

View of the property

We now meet at least once a month to plan for our cottage community. There are several households which have committed to building and living in this intentional community, and room for several more to join us. (See our “About Us” page for pictures and bios on equity member households.)

Our meetings are lively and full of positive energy. We enjoy good food and conversations while we plan each step in the process of creating this new home for ourselves and a model of a different way to live for Silverton.

After visiting and learning about other cohousing communities, our group chose to adopt the term, “cohousing light”. By this we mean that we want to live intentionally with each other in the typical physical layout of cohousing developments but without some of the more programmed aspects that are also typical of cohousing. We do not have an official theme for our community but if we did it would likely be sustainability/living-light-on-the-land. As with many communities like ours we choose to make our decisions through consensus and are designing our physical site and relational agreements together rather than using an outside facilitator. Because of our small size we are able to work together in this way with great success so far. We have used the professional services of a local attorney and a local architect. We will be contracting with an Owners Representative to facilitate construction of the community.

Oak trees on site

We will build 10 independent small homes (900-1400 square feet), a common house for gathering together, two banks of garage/carports, and a remodeled barn for workshop and guest space. We have committed to a 1.3 acre piece of land in the city limits that is ideal for the arrangement of our homes and other structures. Our land is located in a very desirable residential neighborhood on the “east hill” side of Silverton. We will be using creative means to retain and reuse our storm water on site and to power our common buildings with solar energy. The site has about 30 oak trees which will showcase our homes. We plan to use pervious surface material on all our driveways and paths so the rain can percolate as naturally as possible. Generally, we plan to balance the best passive energy designs with reasonable costs and to use earth friendly materials and construction methods. All of the homes and other buildings will be built simultaneously and by one contractor in order to take advantage of economies of scale for both cost and the timing of our project.

We hope to begin building in 2018. Our plan is to obtain a construction financing loan from a local Silverton bank and then to convert to individual mortgages at the completion of construction. The project will be owned as condominiums with individual ownership of each home and shared ownership of all the common elements.