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Our Values

Early in our process
we met and brainstormed our values. This was a great exercise as we each had the opportunity to suggest values statements that we personally brought to the group. After posting those on a wall we then honed in on the things that we shared in common. It was so gratifying to see that our group values very fully reflected our individual priorities and passions. After that we took a few minutes to similarly reflect on issues and priorities that would make it either possible or impossible for each of us to commit to the community. These are listed as our "nonnegotiables". Again, there was generally tremendous consensus around these items as well.

In a later meeting we had discussions about smoking. This is included at the bottom of our list as a reminder that we still need to firm up our consensus on the use of tobacco on our property. 

These decisions are made thoughtfully and after everyone is heard. Consensus decision making takes more time than voting but allows for much more comfort with the agreements that we make with each other.

Our Values:

Spiritual without religious
Honesty, truthfulness, caring, responsible
Sharing (resources, space)
Peace and Social Justice
Environmentally sensitive, not automobile-centric
Diversity, multi-generational, families
Animals/pets welcomed


(to be read as “must be…”)
Pets allowed
No proselytizing - Secular
Organic gardening
Everyone contributes
No streets in the property
Private space for each home
Able to travel away for extended periods
No more than 12-16 units
(No smoking tobacco )