About Us

 Our group of households is diverse in interests, skills and backgrounds. Among us there are Trees on the propertyvarious artists including a weaver, painters, writers and photographers. Many members have extensive gardening and landscaping experience and a passion to share the actual fruits (and vegetables) of those labors. We are teachers, business persons, an architect, an engineer, a geographic information systems application developer, non-profit managers, and parents.
Several of us have abilities in different phases of construction which we have used for our own benefit and as volunteers with service organizations. All of us have been involved in local organizations that work to better our community and we plan to continue those activities; perhaps using our site and common spaces for events that will reach our larger neighborhood and town. Below are short biographies describing each of the current member households.

Mike and Lisa Leslie 
We have lived in Silverton for about 25 years and in Oregon all our lives.  We love to backpack and hope to get back into long distance bicycle riding. As we approach retirement from our careers in management and education, we hope to indulge in more travel and to have more time for the volunteer work that we have always done with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and our local city government. Over the past five years we have cohoused in a large home that was built in 1900 with both families and single folks, (along with some of our four kids who have moved in and out). Sharing our lives and stuff with other families has been a rich experience and it has also stretched us in ways we didn’t anticipate at the outset of our intentional living experiment. Now we can’t imagine existing without the support, love and joy that we have found in community living; having the privacy of our own cottage with the community all around it will be an ideal setting. We are excited to make this next step toward a living situation that is sustainable both environmentally and socially and to model a healthy alternative in the town we love!

Debby Smick
I grew up moving all around the country, from Kansas to Oklahoma to New York to 
Connecticut. Later I lived in California, East Africa, Annapolis and finally, Seattle, where I have lived since 1980, and I love the northwest. As I look towards retiring from the school where I have been teaching for the past 34 years I realize I want to create a new community for myself. When the opportunity to do sin Silverton presented itself, I could not have been happier. I love the smaller town and I resonate with the rural feel, and it is still the wonderful northwest! I have always longed for more of a community since my rather nomadic childhood, and definitely found it in my school community, but am ready for a new adventure. I look forward to many happy years sharing meals and building new friendships, working a garden with others, enjoying travel, volunteering services, continuing to learn and to explore my own creative interests, and perhaps teaching part-time.

 Chris Bradberry and Julie Adams
Chris and Julie
We live in a small town because of the community aspects that small towns offer.  We love the outdoors, and spend time kayaking, hiking and biking. Weaving, painting, poetry and gardening are other pursuits that we enjoy, along with hanging out with our grown children.
  Travel is also important to us, and we find ourselves heading to natural spots on many of our vacations. We are always glad to return to Silverton after our adventures, because of the natural beauty here.  We are attracted to Points Beyond for knowing our neighbors as friends, and creating a life with meaning by finding shared values.  We are in the third third of our lives, and excited to explore a new sense of community and belonging.

We are Carl and Lisa Krigbaum!

We have been married for 1.25 decades and are new parents to a baby girl
 (aka: future Supreme Court Justice). We've welcomed many rescue dogs into our family over the years, though our current rescue prefers the title "roommate".  Before we had a baby, we enjoyed hiking, biking, paddleboarding, dancing, home brew, yoga, and the library.  Now, we enjoy sleeping, eating with two hands, leftovers, and still, the library.
Why are we choosing Points Beyond?
  • Small and simple living
  • Connection and community
  • Dog sitters and potlucks

Beverly Armstrong
I lived in Arizona growing up, then moved to San Diego for twenty five years. From there I continued to move north, living in Topanga Canyon, East Bay, Grants Pass and now onward to Silverton. Along the way I have shared my homes with others, sometimes friends, sometimes traveling nurses. I’ve enjoyed sharing living responsibilities and meeting new people. Oregon has brought a life with a slower pace and much relaxation. My career as a nurse allowed me employment that was more a cause than a job. I worked in women’s health, HIV care and completed my career as a hospice nurse. Community service has always been an important part what I do. I enjoy fundraising and event planning. Retirement for the last five years has been the best job of all! It has allowed me to spend time with my passions of cooking, traveling, yoga, gardening and reading. Silver Falls State Park will see much more of me as I am an avid hiker. Organic gardening, composting and living green have been part of my lifestyle. I discovered beautiful Silverton last summer and knew I’d love to live in the small, rural, friendly community. Also, I have family in Portland I’ll be closer to. As soon as I saw the Points Beyond website I knew it was for me. I’m eager to share sustainable living, gardening, and the community support offered by my new friends at Points Beyond.

Thad and Abby Roth 

Thad and Abby
We are both native Oregonians who grew up in rural areas, on and around farms and forests. Having lived and worked in close-in NE Portland for 30 years, remodeling three different old homes, we are ready to build a cozy NEW home for a change. We have had family and friends in Silverton for many years, and have always been attracted to the natural beauty and wonderful small-town feel.

As we approach our post-retirement lives, we are excited to have found the Points Beyond Cottages project, as it feels like a very good fit for us. We have worked in the fields of sustainability, art, and education and are excited to share in an alternative living model that is in harmony with these interests. We like the idea of having our own private space, while also being surrounded by and sharing with friends.

We have grown kids and four beloved grandkiddos, that we love to hang around with. Happily, Points Beyond welcomes all generations with open arms. We also enjoy wild rivers, hiking, being outdoors, traveling, gardening, art, animals of all kinds (well slugs are on the edge), friendship, and laughter. We are very much looking forward to living and sharing in this community.

Susan Carter 
I’ve lived and worked in southern Oregon since 2002 and love it. I became intrigued with communal
living a few years ago and started searching for my community last year. I’m so happy to have found
Points Beyond. The location couldn’t be better – in the charming community of Silverton and within an
easy drive to Portland or Silver Falls State Park. I’ve raised two daughters and with my youngest now at
university and retirement in sight, I like the idea of living among a community of like-minded people. I’m
also excited about downsizing into a brand new home.

Kate Russell and David Cotter
We are both transplants to Oregon from the Midwest and East Coast. Neither of us have any family members in
Oregon. Kate taught elementary school in the Silverfalls School and has retired but still does some substitute teaching. David has been a sculptor, welder and works at Gem Equipment. We both love spending time with friends, good food and travel. David enjoys reading, movies, television, and cooking. Kate enjoys gardening, yoga, ukulele, and outdoor activities.

We live in an old farmhouse on 8 acres just outside of Silverton. Kate has spent much of the last 25 years creating expansive gardens on our acreage. Our home and acreage has been a passion and sanctuary for us. It has also become all consuming and are now ready to simplify our lives. We dreamed of having a few friends build homes on our property and share the responsibilities of keeping up property and form a community that would look after each other and become a sort of family.

We found out about the Points Beyond Cottages community, a group of thoughtful, interesting and talented people who are dedicated to forming a community much like we have dreamed of. It would be a big change, but after attending meetings and work parties, we were convinced that joining is right for us. People have been inclusive and are working tirelessly toward building this community, making it a reality. We look forward to not only a new home but also sharing the load and joys with our new neighbors and friends.

Points Beyond