About Us

 Our group of households is diverse in interests, skills and backgrounds. Among us there are Trees on the propertyvarious artists including a weaver, painters, writers and photographers. Many members have extensive gardening and landscaping experience and a passion to share the actual fruits (and vegetables) of those labors. We are teachers, business persons, an architect, an engineer, a geographic information systems application developer, non-profit managers, and parents.
Several of us have abilities in different phases of construction which we have used for our own benefit and as volunteers with service organizations. All of us have been involved in local organizations that work to better our community and we plan to continue those activities; perhaps using our site and common spaces for events that will reach our larger neighborhood and town. Below are short biographies describing each of the current member households.

Dana Smith and Victor Madge
We began our adventures together in 1987 after a whirlwind office romance. By 1992, we were living aboard a 39’ sloop in Ft. Lauderdale with two small children and planning our escape from society. After seven years on the Artemis, including an 18 month sabbatical, we learned to embrace the values of minimalism, conservation and shared resources that are hallmarks of the boating community. We wandered into Silverton in 1997 and returned to a somewhat more conventional lifestyle. Another 18 years passed as we designed, built, raised our children in and ran our A/E business from our home with energy and water saving systems, yet had the curb appeal of historic Silverton. Now empty nesters, we are ready to transition back to a much smaller home with even more passive energy and water saving features, community gardens and the sustainable lifestyle that also happen to be hallmarks of cohousing communities.

Mike and Lisa Leslie 
We have lived in Silverton for about 25 years and in Oregon all our lives.  We love to backpack and hope to get back into long distance bicycle riding. As we approach retirement from our careers in management and education, we hope to indulge in more travel and to have more time for the volunteer work that we have always done with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and our local city government. Over the past five years we have cohoused in a large home that was built in 1900 with both families and single folks, (along with some of our four kids who have moved in and out). Sharing our lives and stuff with other families has been a rich experience and it has also stretched us in ways we didn’t anticipate at the outset of our intentional living experiment. Now we can’t imagine existing without the support, love and joy that we have found in community living; having the privacy of our own cottage with the community all around it will be an ideal setting. We are excited to make this next step toward a living situation that is sustainable both environmentally and socially and to model a healthy alternative in the town we love!

Debby Smick
I grew up moving all around the country, from Kansas to Oklahoma to New York to 
Connecticut. Later I lived in California, East Africa, Annapolis and finally, Seattle, where I have lived since 1980, and I love the northwest. As I look towards retiring from the school where I have been teaching for the past 34 years I realize I want to create a new community for myself. When the opportunity to do sin Silverton presented itself, I could not have been happier. I love the smaller town and I resonate with the rural feel, and it is still the wonderful northwest! I have always longed for more of a community since my rather nomadic childhood, and definitely found it in my school community, but am ready for a new adventure. I look forward to many happy years sharing meals and building new friendships, working a garden with others, enjoying travel, volunteering services, continuing to learn and to explore my own creative interests, and perhaps teaching part-time.

 Chris Bradberry
I live in a small town because I love the community aspect that small towns offer.  Being a forester by trade, I enjoy the outdoors, and I spend time hiking and biking. Art is large component of my life and Silverton has a vibrant arts community.  Travel is also important to me, and I find myself heading to natural spots on my vacations.  I am always glad to return to Silverton after my adventures in other places, because of the natural beauty here.  Points Beyond will enrich this feeling of living in an area of natural beauty by building small houses within a village green.  The combination of living closer to nature and surrounded by friends is very appealing to me.

We are Carl and Lisa Krigbaum!
We have been married for 1.25 decades and are new parents to a baby girl
 (aka: future Supreme Court Justice). We've welcomed many rescue dogs into our family over the years, though our current rescue prefers the title "roommate".  Before we had a baby, we enjoyed hiking, biking, paddleboarding, dancing, home brew, yoga, and the library.  Now, we enjoy sleeping, eating with two hands, leftovers, and still, the library.
Why are we choosing Points Beyond?
  • Small and simple living
  • Connection and community
  • Dog sitters and potlucks

Glenn Brasington and Carol Hendrix 
Over 15 years ago, Carol told me of her fantasy of living in a small front-porch community with friends. Each would have their own house and share the easy access and connections this would allow. Eventually I also got into the vision. So, after (twice) declaring we will never build another house, we are looking forward to this adventure. We hail from LA and Gainesville, Florida and love living in Oregon for hiking, rafting, camping, backpacking, berry picking, and swimming in the Silverton Reservoir. We look forward to living and sharing in a community, and a cozy home base with Winter travels to warmer places. Of course, the idea of downsizing from our long-term small farm and country lifestyle on the edge of Silverton is daunting - we struggle with everything from rooflines to window seats. But we are in!

Points Beyond